Home Sleep Studies

Home Sleep Studies

Midwest Medical Clinic offers home sleep studies to patients using the state-of-the-art Zmachine® Synergy.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of a sleep disorder, such as difficulty sleeping or pauses in breathing while sleeping, a home sleep study may be useful in determining the problem. This non-invasive and convenient test allows you to sleep in the comfort of your own home while still receiving an accurate diagnosis of any underlying sleep disorders.

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The Purpose of a Sleep Study

The purpose of a sleep study is to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. A sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram, is a non-invasive test that monitors various physiological functions during sleep, such as brain waves, eye movements, respiratory efforts, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and muscle activity. By monitoring these functions, our doctors can identify any abnormalities that occur during sleep. Once a sleep disorder is identified, we’ll develop an appropriate treatment plan to improve the patient’s quality of sleep and overall health.

Zmachine® Synergy by General Sleep Corporation

The Zmachine® Synergy is a revolutionary sleep study device developed by General Sleep Corporation. Designed to be comfortable for wear and patient- and provider-friendly, it combines FDA-cleared EEG-based sleep staging technology with standard respiratory monitoring to create a reliable, high-quality sleep testing system.

The Zmachine® Synergy

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How a Home Sleep Study Works

In a home sleep study, you’re given a Zmachine® Synergy to wear at home in bed. The equipment is similar to that used in a sleep center, but more portable and comfortable, and much easier to set up and use. You will be given clear instructions on how to attach the sensors and how to activate the device before going to bed. You will be able to sleep in your own bed and return the device later according to your doctor’s instructions.

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The Signs a Sleep Study Might Be Necessary

There are several signs that a sleep study might be necessary to improve your restfulness during the day, including:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness

  • Loud snoring

  • Pauses in breathing while asleep

  • Gasping or choking while asleep

  • Frequent waking overnight

Additionally, if you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, or if you have restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, or narcolepsy, a sleep study may be necessary to diagnose and treat these conditions.

Other signs that a sleep study might be necessary include morning headaches, difficulty concentrating, mood changes, and high blood pressure. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider at Midwest Medical Clinic to determine whether a sleep study is right for you.

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What Are the Benefits of a Home Sleep Study?

Thanks to the Zmachine® Synergy, our patients can undergo sleep studies from their own homes. Home sleep studies offer benefits such as:

  • Convenience: Complete your sleep study from the comfort of your own home instead of traveling to a clinic.

  • Less Risk of Disturbance: Clinical settings make sleeping well difficult; but at home, you can sleep in your natural sleep environment.

  • Increased Comfort: Your own home and bed are much more comfortable than a hospital or sleep center.

  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Home sleep studies are often more affordable than sleep center studies.

Enhanced Privacy: While a clinical setting may feel invasive, your own home provides a private space where you can sleep without other patients or medical professionals present.


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If you believe a home sleep study might be right for you, make an appointment at Midwest Medical Clinic. We’ll start by discussing your recent symptoms, then determine whether you’re a good candidate for a study. Please contact our Davenport family care clinic with any questions.

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